Make a Contract

Why is it important to have a contract? Making a contract together with your child based on what you have learned with the cards and your family values is a great way to solidify the experience together with agreed rules. Feeling in charge of choosing the conditions, and consequences will give your child a sense of agency and responsibility that are fundamental down the road. 


What should be on it? Whatever you want! What’s most important is that it’s personalized. The more relevant the contract is to what you have talked about based on your family values, the better. Make it a negotiation where they feel they have really decided a lot of the points. You can update the contract as your child gets older with new clauses as they ask for new privileges, games or social media.


Here are some options which you can copy and paste into this template attached, to print and sign. There are of lot of different clause options that you can pick and choose from. You shouldn’t use all of these. They are just to give you ideas. The contract does not have to be long. You are welcome to add your own conditions as it applies to your family. Please see the template.


  • I won’t have my phone in my room at night
  • No phones at dinner
  • We agree on timing for how much I use it
  • No buying anything without our agreement
  • I will keep up on homework and schoolwork
  • I will not spam or send mean messages to others
  • I will take good care of my phone and be responsible for it
  • I will not take embarrassing pictures or share those of others without consent.
  • I promise to write and let you know anytime I am staying late at school or want to do something out of the ordinary schedule
  • I promise to respond or write to you when I’m not home you’re out
  • I will answer my phone
  • I will ask permission before joining any social media
  • We agree on rules for privacy settings and controls to be…
  • I will not engage in online bullying
  • I will tell you if I exoerience any online bullying
  • I understand that posting certain types of photos or information online is punishable by law
  • I will be off my phone by….on weeknights and …on weekends
  • I will pay attention to signs I am using the phone too much.
  • We agree to monitor my app and phone use by….
  • I will try to get outside regularly and do other things than being on my phone.
  • I will not give out my password or personal details
  • I won’t become friends with strangers
  • I will never meet someone I don’t know online in person
  • If I feel uncomfortable in an online situation I will come to you